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Welcome to the new and improved JUDY ROOM!

 It’s been ten years since the last big site redesign, but at last it’s gotten its long-overdue update.  In the past few years the number of people visiting the site via mobile devices has increased to the point of overtaking the number of visits from the more traditional standard laptop/desktop web browsers.  This new redesign has reformatted the site to be completely responsive to mobile devices as well as laptops/desktops (excepting the Discography subsite and the special movie spotlights).  All of the core sections are still here, or will be soon. 

Be sure to check back as more pages from the old site are reformatted and posted.

"Get Happy" in Stereo!

Available for the first time, Judy Garland’s iconic “Get Happy” from Summer Stock in stereo! 

Many MGM pre-recordings have survived in stereo, but “Get Happy” wasn’t one of them.  Now, thanks to recent advancements in audio restoration technology, and the work of audio engineer Bob Zwolinski, we have this new stereo version.   Our friend Mark Milano has married this audio to the film footage.  So put your headphones on and enjoy this classic, iconic number as never before!

"Look For The Silver Lining" in Stereo!

Another first from our friends Mark and Bob – Judy’s gorgeous rendition of “Look For The Silver Lining” from Till The Clouds Roll By.  Enjoy!

Spotlight on

The screen masterpiece and arguably Judy Garland’s greatest film performance gets the The Judy Room’sSpotlight On” treatment.

On This Day in Judy Garland's Life and Career

Here are detailed pages that document what was going on in Judy Garland’s life and career on each day of every year.  There is a separate entry for each day of the year that covers everything of note that happened in Judy’s life and career throughout the years on that particular day.

These pages are located at The Judy Room’s blog site and are continuously updated as new data is discovered or shared by generous fans.  The pages are heavy on images and media, too!

The Latest Garland CD Releases!

The sequel to 2010’s groundbreaking 4-CD set “Judy Garland Lost Tracks: 1929-1959,” “Judy Garland Lost Tracks 2 – 1936-1967” features a whopping 40 new-to-CD tracks.

In the years between the two releases (2010-2019) many new, previously unreleased and/or thought-lost Garland recordings have been discovered. Also during that time, audio restoration software has advanced to the point that, as in the capable hands of audio engineer John H. Haley, “old” recordings can now sound better than ever thought possible. This set is a real delight.

If you’re not interested in the 2-CD set, you can always get “The Best of Lost Tracks 2 1936-1967” which features the best of the 2-disc set, plus the CD debut of Judy’s charming radio performance of “You Couldn’t Be Cuter” from April 28, 1938.

Sit back, but your headphones on, and let it play from beginning to end. The flow of the set is as close to perfect as any CD set could get.​

Ongoing Blog Series: "The Judy Garland Wars"

“Or How I Survived The Wacky World World Of Online Judy Garland Fandom”

This series, also located at The Judy Room’s blog, tells the totally true yet sometimes hard to believe experiences I’ve had navigating the bizarre online world of “Garfandom.”  It’s all relayed in a tongue-in-cheek fashion while exposing the hypocrisies, jealousies, and downright evilness of the “Garfreaks” but also celebrating the generosities, kindness, and joy of the wonderful “Garfans” of that wacky world.  It’s definitely not boring!

The Latest Discovery

Here is the previously unknown and unreleased performance of Judy Garland singing “You Couldn’t Be Cuter” from her appearance on the “Good News of 1938” radio show broadcast live by NBC Radio on April 28, 1938.

Thanks to the generosity of collector David Plotkin we’re able to enjoy this rare treat for the first time in over 80 years!