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Introducing a new section to the site: “Judy Garland – The Concert Years.”  This new section features comprehensive details about Judy’s amazing concert years from 1951 – 1969.  Included in the pages are photos, audio files, videos, newspaper articles & ads, and more!

Judy Garland in concert was an event like no other.  Fans and show business veterans spoke of them with awe.  Even now, as the 100th anniversary of her birth nears, her concerts are still legendary.  “Legendary” is a word that’s used a lot these days, but in her own time, the word was used to describe her concerts and Judy herself.  She truly was a living legend.

Judy pioneered the format of the one-woman, two-act concert that is still used today.  In 1951 she successfully brought Vaudeville back to the Palace Theater in New York, breaking all house records, while creating a new career for herself after her equally legendary film career at MGM. Her 1961 concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall is still the concert by which all other pop diva concerts are judged.  The two-record set of that concert was an unprecedented success and has never been out of print.

During these concert years, Judy found time to make radio and television appearances, record albums & singles, make a comeback for the ages in films, and star in her own TV series.  She also made countless personal appearances for charities and a wide variety of other events.  All of these (and more) are represented in these new pages.

What Judy Garland packed into those short eighteen years is an incredible and unique show business legacy.  Lucky for us, many of her performances have survived in one format or another and are featured here.  

Enjoy browsing and reading through these pages.  And check back for updates and new media.  Things are always being found and my heartfelt thanks go out to the many generous collectors who share their treasures.  This couldn’t be possible without them!

On This Day in Judy Garland's Life and Career

Here are detailed pages that document what was going on in Judy Garland’s life and career on each day of every year.  There is a separate entry for each day of the year that covers everything of note that happened in Judy’s life and career throughout the years on that particular day.

These pages are located at The Judy Room’s blog site and are continuously updated as new data is discovered or shared by generous fans.  The pages are heavy on images and media, too!

Ongoing Blog Series

“Or How I Survived The Wacky World World Of Online Judy Garland Fandom”

This series, also located at The Judy Room’s blog, tells the totally true yet sometimes hard to believe experiences I’ve had navigating the bizarre online world of “Garfandom.”  It’s all relayed in a tongue-in-cheek fashion while exposing the hypocrisies, jealousies, and downright evilness of the “Garfreaks” but also celebrating the generosities, kindness, and joy of the wonderful “Garfans” of that wacky world.  It’s definitely not boring!

"Old Man River"

Here is the previously unreleased complete “Old Man River” footage from Judy Garland’s famous concert at the Boston Common on August 31, 1967.

Well, almost complete. Whoever filmed this only got parts of some of the songs. Photos fill in those missing sections here. There are also a few jumps in the film, due to the manner in which it was filmed on a Super8 home movie camera. Regardless, it’s still thrilling and wonderful to see and hear Judy at one of her most famous concerts!