The Real Judy Room

Here it is!  New scans of the photos of the original Judy “Room” taken in 1997 & 1998 with the (now) old-fashioned instamatic cameras.  It stayed looking like this, more or less, until it was dismantled when I moved, although I still have most of the items, just not in a devoted “Judy Room.”

As you can see, it’s sort of a cross between a “Judy Room” and a “Zen Room.”  The lights and tie-dye and other colorful decorations are the influence of my late best friend, Andy England.  Andy was quite colorful himself.  He had a Judy/Grateful Dead room that was similar yet very different – but just as much fun!  He created the nice charcoal image you see on the right (click on it to see a larger version).  This page is dedicated to his memory.

The “tour” below starts with the entrance, then proceeds clockwise around the room and on to the ceiling.  Note that there are some subtle differences in some shots of the same areas.  This is due to the fact that the room was always changing.

It’s because of this Judy Room that the website was started.  


Judy Garland 1935
The Wizard of Oz green vinyl release for Record Store Day on April 19, 2014