HOME MEDIA – Videos Etc

The Wizard of Oz has been released and rereleased (and rereleased and rereleased…) on home media since the beginning of the home media “revolution” in the late 1970s.  It’s no wonder.  The film is a staple of childhood movie watching and a must-have for any film collector or movie fan.  With every new development in home media technology (video, DVD, high def) the film is one of the first to appear.  It’s been remastered and restored several times, to the point that it’s almost a joke that every five years it’s re-released in a new format with new packaging.  

Note that The Judy Room’s Media Pages feature extensive details and images pertaining to the various releases that are highlighted here.  Links to those pages are provided with the highlighted info below.

VHS & Laserdiscs

The Wizard of Oz first appeared in the new home media market in 1981 on both video and video disc (“Capacitance Electronic Disc System”) which was a precursor to laser discs.  This was before any restorations had been done on the film, so the image and sound were the same as what viewers had been seeing on their TVs since the 1950s.  

1983 First Time On Laserdisc

1986 “Viddy Oh! For Kids” version and 1988 VHS reissue.  Featured below: A promotional poster for the 1988 reissue.