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Wizard of Oz Discography

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One of the great joys of The Wizard of Oz is its amazing score. Harold Arlen wrote the music, E.Y. "Yip" Harburg wrote the lyrics, and Herbert Stothart (along with Murray Cutter and Roger Edens) handled the score - all to magnificent results.

When OZ came out in 1939, soundtrack albums of songs as recorded for the film soundtracks were eight years away. Faux 7 InchTo capitalize on the success of the film and its score, and because Judy Garland was under contract to them, Decca Records chose to record studio versions of the songs for release in a special album.In 1956 MGM Records released a special LP (12" long playing records were still new) of songs and dialog taken directly from the soundtrack of the film. This was the first soundtrack album of The Wizard of Oz ever released. The record created an abridged audio version of the film (with dialog and music) for the listener, but oddly omitted the song "The Merry Old Land Of Oz". It wouldn't be until 1989 when CBS Records released their "songs and dialog" version that "The Merry Old Land Of Oz" would finally be released. The first CD release was the now rare 1986 U.K. re-release of the MGM Records soundtrack on LP and CD. In 1995, Rhino Records released a two-disc special edition of the soundtrack presenting, for the first time on CD, the actual surviving pre-recordings of the songs and score (with many outtakes/alternate takes/and expanded versions). And a few years after that, they would release their own version of the "dialog and songs" editon, using the newly remixed stereo soundtrack that was currently running in theaters for the 60th anniversry release of the film.

Brunswick FlyerMany other non-soundtrack versions of the score and/or song selections from The Wizard of Oz have been released over the years, usually as children's albums recorded by a variety of vocalists and vocal groups. The focus of this discography is on the releases that are a direct result of the film and feature most (if not all) of the original cast, whether is be the radio versions, Decca Records versions, or the actual soundtracks.

In 2001, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the National Endowment for the Arts selected "Over the Rainbow" sung by Judy Garland as the #1 song of the 20th Century. "Over The Rainbow" was chosen by the American Film Institute as the number one film song of all time. The RRIAA inducted Judy's Decca version of "Over The Rainbow" into their Grammy Hall of Fame in 1981. In 2006, they inducted the original 1956 MGM Records soundtrack release.

Click on the images below to go directly to the pages with details of each of those releases.

Original LP
1956 Original LP release
Oz 45rpm
1955 45rpm version
Oz 1960s LP
1960's re-release
1969 Edition
1960's "Singer Records" versio
1970's Japanese
1970's Japanese import
1970's British
1970's British version
1986 UK Release
1986 U.K. CD & LP release
1989 CD
The Ultimate Oz
1989 EMI version
The Ultimate Oz
1995 laser disc version
Deluxe CD
1995 Rhino Records deluxe version
Single CD
1995 Rhino single CD version
Rhino CD 2
1996 Bootleg Release
Rhino CD 2
1997 Rhino "kids" version
Story & Songs
1998 Rhino "songs & dialog" version
Oz / Easter Parade
2000 European release
3D Book & CD
2000 Pop-up book with CD
2002 U.K. release
Prism CD
2003 U.K. release
2005 UK release
German Edition
2007 German release
German Edition
2007 German release
German Edition
2009 European release
2010 Sony UK edition of The Wizard of Oz on CD
2010 UK Sony release
2010 French CD of Le Magicien d'Oz (The Wizard of Oz)
2010 French release
The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniverary Anthology CD
2014 75th Anniversary
The Wizard of Oz soundtrack for download
2014 Warner Archive
The Wizard of Oz soundtrack for download
Various Digital Versions
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Decca 78
1940 Original Decca release
1947 re-release
1940 U.K. Brunswick release
1947 re-release
1947 Decca re-release
1951 10" version
1951 45rpm set
1953 45rpm version
The Wizard Of Oz
1956 LP
Oz Pic Disc
Circa 1970
  Rare Decca
1948 Decca promotional single
1952 Promotional
Example of one of the
many single releases of
Judy's Decca version
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Making of The Wizard Of Oz
Leo is on the air
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