The Very Best Of Judy Garland
1955 - 1965
EMI Records Limited
(EMI Gold)
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February 20, 2007
The Very Best Of Judy Garland
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This wonderful compilation is almost a "complete" Judy-at-Capitol set, but not quite. Three complete albums are here: "Judy" (1956), "Alone" (1947), and "Judy In Love" (1958). The rest of Judy's Capitol albums are represented with at least one track. The 1960 album "That's Entertainment" is almost complete with 10 tracks included. All of the tracks from "Miss Show Business" (1955), "Judy", "Alone" and "Judy In Love" have been newly remastered from the original session tapes, and the tracks that follow "Judy In Love" "were mixed from the original multi-track tapes" (from the producer's notes).

The set is beautifully packaged accompanied by a lavish 22 page booklet filled with lovely photos. The excellent liner notes were written in 2006 by The New York Sun reviewer Will Friedwald.

Of special interest are the two alternate takes from "The London Sessions": Take 1 of "Stormy Weather" and Take 1 of "Over The Rainbow". According to the producer's notes, the final release versions of both songs were composites of two takes. To date, this is the only known alternate take of Judy's only stereo studio recording of "Over The Rainbow". Also of interest is the "2007 Remix" of "I Could Go On Singing". Again, per the producer's notes this track was "remixed from the four track 1962 session tapes".

Another "must have" for the Garland collector. And a great set to give to anyone as a "best of Judy at Capitol". The only issue that I have with this release is that, if they went to the trouble to remaster these recordings and produce a full color 22-page booklet, why not just add an extra disc or two and finally release a complete set of ALL of Judy's Capitol recordings? Judy Garland is the only star of her caliber to NOT have a comprehensive and complete set of her Capitol recordings ever compiled. Many fans out there are wondering if a complete set is in the pipeline, but that this 3 CD set is released first to get the most money out of fans who will more than likely purchase this AND a complete set? It's possible but unlikely.   Capitol, we're still waiting for that complete set!!!

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All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.


* First release on CD, from mono session tapes
[Note: This is incorrect - the mono version of "Judy In Love" was first released on CD
in Japan in 2005 by Toshiba-EMI Records]

** First release on CD
*** Alternate take, previously unreleased

Song Title
Recording Date
Disc One
This Is The Time Of The Evening
While We're Young
08-29-1955 Miss Show Business 4:48
You Made Me Love You
For Me And My Gal
The Boy Next Door
The Trolley Song
08-29-1955 Miss Show Business 6:17
A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow 08-25-1955 Miss Show Business 3:03
Carolina In The Morning 08-29-1955 Miss Show Business 3:04
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 08-25-1955 Miss Show Business 2:38
Danny Boy 09-01-1955 Miss Show Business 3:04
Over The Rainbow 08-25-1955 Miss Show Business 3:31
Come Rain Or Come Shine 03-31-1956 Judy 3:43
Just Imagine 03-26-1956 Judy 2:54
I Feel A Song Coming On 03-19-1956 Judy 2:10
Last Night When We Were Young 03-31-1956 Judy 3:28
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 03-31-1956 Judy 1:57
April Showers 03-19-1956 Judy 3:16
Maybe I'll Come Back 03-27-1956 Judy 2:19
Dirty Hands, Dirty Face 03-19-1956 Judy 4:47
Lucky Day 03-27-1956 Judy 2:47
Memories Of You 03-26-1956 Judy 3:37
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home 03-27-1956 Judy 4:06
By Myself 02-22-1957 Alone 2:36
Little Girl Blue 02-06-1957 Alone 3:40
Me And My Shadow 02-06-1957 Alone 3:41
Among My Souvenirs 03-06-1957 Alone 3:04
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 03-06-1957 Alone 2:50
Disc Two
I Get The Blues When It Rains 02-06-1957 Alone 3:12
Mean To Me 02-22-1957 Alone 3:55
Then You've Never Been Blue (Bonus Track) 03-06-1957 Alone 2:12
How About Me? 02-06-1957 Alone 3:40
Just A Memory 03-06-1957 Alone 2:28
Blue Prelude 02-22-1957 Alone 2:47
Happy New Year 03-06-1957 Alone 3:12
It's So Lovely To Be Back In London 10-12-1957 Single Release 3:05
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart * 05-19-1958 Judy In Love 3:41
I Can't Give You Anything But Love * 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 4:42
This Is It * 05-19-1958 Judy In Love 2:20
More Than You Know * 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:21
I Am Loved * 06-07-1958 Judy In Love 3:16
I Hadn't Anyone Till You * 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:35
I Concentrate On You * 06-01-1958 Judy In Love 3:24
I'm Confessin' * 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 2:46
Do I Love You? * 06-07-1958 Judy In Love 3:18
Do It Again * 06-07-1958 Judy In Love 2:45
Day In - Day Out * 05-19-1958 Judy In Love 3:59
After You've Gone (Live) 08-05-1958 Garland At The Grove 2:29
That's All There Is, There Isn't Anymore ** 01-15-1959 The Letter 2:54
That's Entertainment 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 2:30
Who Cares? 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 1:30
I've Confessed To The Breeze 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 3:07
If I Love Again 06-08-1960 That's Entertainment 2:39
Disc Three
Yes 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 3:13
Puttin' On The Ritz 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 1:57
Old Devil Moon 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 2:54
Down With Love 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 2:09
Just You, Just Me 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 1:40
Alone, Together 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment 3:20
Stormy Weather *** 08-02-1960 The London Sessions 4:58
You Go to My Head 08-05-1960 The London Sessions 3:26
Judy At The Palace Medley:
Shine On Harvest Moon
Some Of These Days
My Man
I Don't Care
08-08-1960 The London Sessions 6:42
Over The Rainbow *** 08-04-1960 The London Sessions 3:38
The Man That Got Away 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 4:47
If Love Were All 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 2:20
Comes Once In A Lifetime 10-13-1961 Single Release 2:30
Sweet Danger 10-13-1961 Single Release 2:18
Just In Time 04-26-1962 Live At Manhattan Center 3:26
It Never Was You (Outtake) 05-09-1962 I Could Go On Singing 4:28
I Could Go On Singing (2007 Remix) 07-09-1962 I Could Go On Singing 5:05
It's A Good Day (Live) 11-08-1963 The Judy Garland Show 2:04
That's All (Live) 10-11-1963 The Judy Garland Show 3:10
Some People (Live) 10-11-1963 The Judy Garland Show 2:07
When The Saints Go Marching In
(With Liza Minnelli)
11-08-1964 Judy And Liza
At The London Palladium
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/The Brotherhood Of Men
(With Liza Minnelli)
11-08-1964 Judy And Liza
At The London Palladium
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 05-19-1958 Judy In Love
(Stereo Recordings)
I Am Loved 06-07-1958 Judy In Love
(Stereo Recordings)



First of all, I think it's a lovely CD set. It looks very good, it's well crafted and has a very professional feel about it. The booklet is nice too, with a few pretty pictures and some interesting liner notes. I love it.

Now, about the songs. There are three complete original albums here : Judy, Alone and Judy In Love. Soundwise, the first two sound very much like the previous releases (from Collectables for Judy and SP Records for Alone). The sound is slightly clearer (less muffled) and Judy's voice is less "loud". Nice, but not dramatically different. Judy In Love is here presented entirely in Mono unlike most of the previous releases which were in Stereo. That choice is very interesting and I find the sound very nice. A great way to re-discover those songs. Just one thing though : the liner notes say this is the first CD release of those Mono masters. I'm not quite sure it's true... There's a Japanese CD out there that presents all the songs from Judy In Love in an excellent Mono sound... "Zing!" and "I Am Loved" are also proposed in Stereo on Disc Three. Note that the end of "Zing!" is indeed different in the Mono version.

You'll find on Disc One the best tracks from Judy's first album for Capitol, Miss Show Business. The tracks from that album sound just like on previous releases.

Disc Two proposes the single "It's Lovely To Be Back In London". The sound is awful, with lots of reverberation. The liner notes mention that it was recorded that way and it can't be corrected. So not true!!!! I have that song from another Judy CD set and it doesn't sound that bad at all! You'll also find one track from Garland At The Grove, a personal favorite of mine. It would have been great to hear more from that album, but hey! it's better than nothing. Plus it sounds great. There's one song from The Letter and it doesn't sound good! They tried to erase the narration by John Ireland but didn't do it well... you can definitely still hear him at the beginning of the song and that creates a strange hiss. Plus the song itself isn't great. I hope the complete CD release of The Letter that's on its way will sound better than this.

Ten tracks from That's Entertainment are presented. The sound is better than the one from the previous Collectables release. But not in a dramatic way. It just sounds clearer, less echoey and Judy's voice sounds (once again) less "loud" and more balanced.

The sound of the London Sessions tracks is in every way similar to the one of the 1992 CD release from Capitol. The two alternate tracks - "Over The Rainbow" and "Stormy Weather"- are only "partially alternate" : the songs used for the official release were mixed from two takes... Here is the first take recorded for each of those two songs.

You'll also find two songs from Carnegie Hall. Nothing to say about them.

The singles "Comes Once In A Lifetime" and "Sweet Danger" sound better then the previous releases for the same reasons than the That's Entertainment tracks mentioned before.

There's one interesting track from Judy Live At Manhattan Center (and a typo in the booklet ), "Just In Time".

From I Could Go On Singing, you'll find here the "It Never Was You" outtake released last year for the first time. Sounds identical. You'll also find a new "remix" of the title song. I don't find it very good... The sound quality doesn't match the one of the previously restored ICGOS newly found masters.

Three songs from The Judy Garland Show are included. They're nice songs, with a good sound. "It's A Good Day" has always been one my favorites from the show and to see it here is very nice.

Finally, two songs from Judy & Liza At The London Palladium are included. The sound is good, but these songs are not the best ones from that concert. It's nice to find them here though.

Final thoughts:
I think this CD set is a very fine one... for new Judy fans who want to get a lot of her Capitol songs for a small price. For the fans who already own all the previous releases, there isn't much of interest here. With the presence of three complete original albums, I don't think this set can really be called a "Best of". It rather looks to me like one more missed opportunity to create a big set of all of Judy's recordings for Capitol, including all the alternate takes. But it is a very well made set and I advise it to those who still don't own everything it offers or to completists like myself.

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Box set compiled and produced by: Cy Godfrey

Product managed by:
Jon Wilson

Engineered by:
Dave McEowen at Capitol Studios, Hollywood

Artwork by:
Gavin Wright, the Red Room at EMI

Special thanks to:
Wendy Alderson, Maureen Bacon, Rob Christie, Steven Fanning, John Fricke, John Kimble, Susan Lavoie, Joseph Luft, Lorna Luft and Will Friedwald

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