Judy - The Box
AKA "The Box" - Sampler CD
32 Records
Catalog Number:
Release Date:
Summer 1998
20 min
Judy - The Box - Sampler CD


Here is the single disc sampler CD for "Judy" (aka "The Box") that was sent out as as part of the promotion of the deluxe 4-CD (& 1 VHS tape) boxed set which was then, as producer Joel Dorn says in the audio introduction a "work in progress" at the time this sampler was released.

The CD was housed in a single sleeve (see above) in a folder with a full sized flyer (see image at right - click on it to see the larger version).

All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.


Song Title
Disc 1
Intro to "Judy" Boxed Set "Judy" producer Joel Dorn says a few words
Introduction by Wallace Berry  
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 11-16-1935 appearance on the "Shell Chateau Hour" radio show 3:31
I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Baby) April 23, 1961 live performance at Carnegie Hall 6:33
Stompin' At The Savoy 06-12-1936 Decca Records recording 2:22
For Me And My Gal (excerpt) (with Gene Kelly) 07-26-1942 Decca Records recording 1:05
Come Rain Or Come Shine
[Note: This did not make the final cut of the boxed set]
Episode #21 of "The Judy Garland Show," taped January 31, 1964,
aired February 16, 1964
The Story of "Over The Rainbow" (snippet) (with Robert Young, Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg) 06-29-1939 "Maxwell House Coffee Time" radio show 2:54
End "Judy" producer Joel Dorn


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DISC CREDITS (for the 4-CD boxed set)

Produced by Joel Dorn and Adam Dorn for The 3 Ears

Co-Producer: Scott Schechter

Design/Illustration: Page Simon

Mastered by Gene Paul at DB Plus Digital Services, NYC

Sonic Solutions by Scott Paul and Mark Fellows at DB Plus Digital Services, NYC

Cover Illustration: Nancy Dwyer, Page Simon, Oliver Wasow

Judy Garland Images on pages 2, 6, 8, 18, 27, 37, 56, 81, 95, and 96 © 1998 The Archives of Milton H. Greene, LLC. All rights reserved.

Cover Illustration based on photographs by Milton H. Greene

Production Coordinators: Michael Weiner and Becky Wisdom

Editorial Assistance: Suzanne Cleary, John Kruth, Page Simon

A few of us would like to thank the many people who helped us.
for making this box set possible Eli Okun, Alan Rubens, Adam Varon, Bruce Resnikoff, Sheryl Gold, Jay Boberg, Keith Zajic, Julie D'Angelo, Mark Pinkus and John Ingrassia.
Michael Weiner and Becky Wisdom.
Special thanks to Page Simon for above and beyond.
Adam for doing the hard work.
Faye Rosen for her eye and her ear.
John Kruth for his time when it was needed.
Gene Paul, Scott paul and Mark Fellows for their usual great work.
Joshua Green for giving us access to his father's archives.
Scott Schechter for sharing his knowledge and time.
      -- Joel Dorn

Michael Weiner thanks Andy Dowding of A To Z. Page Simon thanks Tonianne Schlamp; the folks at Ralmond Graphics; and Harvey Delorme for the proverb.

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