Release Date:  April 6, 2004

Here’s a great example of the MGM “Dream Factory” at its apex. The film features outrageous and beautiful costumes by Adrian, spectacular musical numbers staged by Busby Berkeley, beautiful songs, scores of beautiful women (topped by stars Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turner), and Judy singing as only she can. In my opinion, and more effective that all of the spectacle and glitz, Judy’s plaintive rendition of “I’m Always Chasing Rainbow” is the highlight of the entire film.

Special Features:

Vintage musical short A New Romance of Celluloid: We Must Have Music
Our Gang short Melodies Old and New
2 Outtakes: The musical number “Too Beautiful to Last” and deleted “We Must Have Music” finale
Theatrical trailers of this film, The Great Ziegfeld, and Ziegfeld Follies

This DVD was included in the seven-disc boxed set “The Judy Garland Signature Collection.”

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