Release Date: October 29, 2019

Considering that Warner Home Video marked the 70th and 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with deluxe boxed sets, fans assumed that the same would happen for the 80th anniversary.  Instead, the label released a modest set that featured the premiere of the film in the new 4K Ultra HD format.  After all of those previous HD versions, it was assumed that the 4K format wouldn’t make much of a difference but – it does!  Watching the film in 4K on a 4K TV is like going from VHS to Blu-ray.  It’s dazzling.

The only boxed set of the 80th-anniversary release was in the UK (see below).  It was also released in the U.S. in a steel case set which was a bit more deluxe than the main edition (see below).

The extras are the same (minus the 3D version) as the 75th Anniversary edition.

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The US versions were the standard release in boxed and clamshell packaging and a metal case.  Also shown are the Czech & French versions.
The film was re-released in theaters on January 27, 29, & 30, 2019, via Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies.  The showings were so popular that an encore event was scheduled for February 3 & 5, 2019.
The official website was updated again, but this time all the fun was removed and replaced with this banner art, a couple of videos, and a few random photos.  Boring!
On November 11, 2019, this fun boxed set was released in the UK.  It featured the film in the 4K & Blu-ray formats, plus a Blu-ray of special features, and a copy of the CD soundtrack.  The exclusive collectibles are a set of six “art cards,” a folded poster reproduction, and a map of the Marvelous Land of Oz.  The discs and extras are all housed in red envelopes in a drawer box with a 3D pop-up.