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Release Date: October 19, 1999

This was actually the second DVD release of the film.  It had previously been released on a “film only” DVD on March 26, 1997, by MGM/UA.  This 1999 release was also the first of many from Warner Home Video, who had recently purchased the entire catalog of MGM films from Turner Entertainment.

Most of the digital extras from the laser edition of “The Ultimate Oz” are included in the boxed set (see below) as well as this single edition of the DVD. The only real difference between the boxed set shown below and this single edition are the physical items such as lobby cards/photos, script, and fancy packaging.

This 1999 edition featured a new transfer from the newly restored 60th-anniversary theatrical release in stereo (mostly) and unbelievable picture.

The photo at the right (below if you’re on mobile) is the poster advertising the first DVD edition (released March 26, 1997, see below) as the last chance “this century” to buy the film.  It was also released on VHS and laserdisc).  It was the last MGM/UA release of the film and obviously, MGM/UA didn’t foresee that Warner Home Video would re-release it in 1999.

For information about “The Ultimate Oz” check out the separate page here (at the bottom of that page are various other VHS and laserdisc editions from the 1980s through 1990s).

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The DVD format was still very new when this edition was released in 1999, which necessitated the inclusion of this “how-to” guide.

Here is the promotional flyer, cover, back cover, and script cover of the boxed set edition.

Also included in the boxed set was this guide to the audio program.  The audio tracks were copied over, with a few errors, from the 1993 laserdisc set.

The DVD was presented (both in the boxed set and by itself) in the “snap case” packaging.  

VHS was still the main format, so this version (without the digital extras) was released in both the clamshell and standard box packaging.

Included in the VHS edition were these promotional offers.