To: Arthur Freed
Subject: Illness in Cast -- MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS
From: Dave Friedman                       Date: 2/29/44 

At 8:15 this morning Joan Carroll's mother, Mrs. Felt, phoned that Joan had a very sore throat and a fever of 102. They had stopped at the studio hospital last night and were given a swab for Joan's throat, which Mrs. Felt applied twice during the night. Their doctor was then on his way to their home. At 10:25 Mrs. Felt phone that the doctor had examined Joan and she would be unable to come to work for three days. The fever had gone down a degree but Joan has strep throat. If there is enough improvement so that Joan can return to work earlier than in three days, Mrs. Felt will let us know.

Mr. Datig later verified this information with Mrs. Felt's doctor. Company completed the sequence on which were were working with the exception of shots including Joan, and moved to another set, shooting around her until 5:05 p.m. when company was dismissed because no other scenes were available.

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