Mr. Arthur Freed
Executive Bldg
c/o Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios
Culver City, Calif

Dear Mr Freed,


I want you to know how very sorry I am that I had to take Margaret out of your picture for the time being. She was in bed for a week with a very bad case of hay fever, which the doctor said came from nerves due to overwork, so I am taking her away from everything connected with work for a couple of weeks as I know a change of scenery will de her good. She has been working almost steadily for the past year and a half going from one picture right into another, 'Journey for Margaret','You John Jones','Dr Gillespe' [sic], 'Jane Eyre', 'Lost Angel', 'Madam Curie', 'Thousands Cheer', 'Canterville Ghost', and now 'Meet Me in St. Louis'.

Even the days she didn't work we still had to make a trip to the studio for publicity interviews, lessons, wardrobe fittings etc, and I was beginning to be greatly criticized for allowing my child to work so hard. we couldn't even take a weekend off because we were always on call, so now we are forced to take a couple of weeks off.



Gladys O'Brien

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