To: Arthur Freed
Subject: Margaret O'Brien
From: Fred Datig                          Date: 1/31/44 

The above was given a cover set call for 10a.m. today. At approximately 4p.m. yesterday (Sunday) Marissa O'Brien, aunt of Margaret, called Al Jennings at his home and advised they were leaving today for Arizona as per doctor's orders due to the fact that Margaret had had a very bad cold and sinus condition, as well as other complications.

Al Jennings contacted Dave Friedman who, in turn, contacted me. At approximately 5:45p.m. when I called their home I was told by the party who answered the phone that they had already left for Arizona. Also that Marissa had called the house from the depot some time before advising the party at the house that they would wire in today telling them where to send some clothes for Margaret. Up to 3p.m. today no wire had been received and, since I am unable to find out who Margaret's doctor is, I can give you no further information at this time but will keep you posted.

Mr Sidney will advise whether or not she is to be paid salary during period of absence.

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