To: Arthur Freed
Subject: Margaret O'Brien -- MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS
From: C.B. Allen                          Date: 1/20/44 

I understand that Mrs O'Brien has stated that because of the condition of Margaret O'Brien's teeth, it will be necessary that braces be prepared immediately, which could not be removed for a period of ten days, during which, of course, she would be unavailable for photography.

I have talked to Dr Bronson, dentist, and it is his opinion, as well as the opinion of Dr Hickson, the dentist to whom he sent her for the purpose of preparing braces, that there is not immediate urgency, and that the braces may be prepared between pictures, or almost any time during the next several months. I understand that you have talked to Mrs O'Brien, and that she has indicated her willingness to have Margaret report for work tomorrow, and I understand further that you will talk to her relative to deferring the contemplated dental work.

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