To: Arthur Freed
Subject: Accident to Cast Member -- MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS
From: Dave Friedman                       Date: 3/23/44 

During the rest period for the extra talent on the St. Louis Fair set today, Miss Mary Broderick sat in a boardwalk carriage, which was on the stage for shooting purposes and not to be used otherwise. She leaned back too far, the carriage tipped over with her, and her head struck a light standard.

Dr Jones examined Miss Broderick and found no injury, but Miss Broderick complained of feeling pain and requested a further examination. Dr Jones advised, as a final precaution, sending her to a doctor in Los Angeles for diagnosis and this was done.

Time of injury: 10:25a.m.

Time of sending Miss Broderick to Los Angeles doctor: 11:45a.m.

Up to close of working day, 6:20p.m., no further report on Miss Broderick had been received.


[NOTE: Miss Broderick was not heard from again]

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