To: Arthur Freed
Subject: Judy Garland
From: Dave Friedman Date:........... 3/9/44

Miss Judy Garland was called for 3 today. At 1:20 she phoned from home that her sinus was bothering her so badly she wondered if Mr. Minnelli could not shoot around her this afternoon, since if she could not rest her sinus might become worse and she might not be able to work tomorrow night on the exterior of the Smith House on Lot 3.

Mr. Minnelli was contacted and said that he had postponed three shots in the dining room set and moved to the living room set in order to get to the shot for which Miss Garland was called. However, rather than jeopardize tomorrow night's work, he agreed to revise again his shooting plans.

Company therefore completed work in the living room up to the shot covering Miss Garland's entrance and returned to the dining room set to pick up the three shots earlier postponed and finished shooting at 5:45 p.m.

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