July 29, 1943

Mr L B Mayer 
Culver City

Dear Mr Mayer

We have read the temporary complete script dated July 21, 1943, for your proposed picture MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, and are happy to report that the basic story seems to meet the requirement of the Production code.

Page 13: The expression 'Mon dieu' is unacceptable.

Page 28: We presume that the expression '...there'd be h-to pay' will not be enunciated in full.

Page 77: In our judgment it will be unacceptable to show these youngsters throwing door mats and pieces of furniture they have stolen on Hallowe'en Eve, into a fire. Some other business should be substituted.

Page 107: The expression 'The Lord knows' is unacceptable.

Page 114: We presume that these bloomers, etc., will not include any intimate female garments.

Page 123: We presume this drinking will be handled with care.

Page 147: Since this is a family story, we must ask that the reference to a 'violation of the public morals code' be omitted, and some other charge be inserted. In this connection, we ask that the reference to the bedroom on page 148 be omitted. See also page 149, for the same. Some other charge should be found and the bedroom should not be mentioned as the locale.

We shall be glad to read changes which overcome these difficulties, and advise you further.


Cordially yours,

Joseph I Breen.

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