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The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion

Here are various costume tests for Dorothy’s three companions.  The photos are in chronological order, giving us a look into some of the process in created the characters we know and love today.  Included are some of Buddy Ebsen’s tests as the Tin Man taken before he left the project. 

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Below:  A test sketch of the Lion’s head made by Oz make-up artist Jack Dawn.  This is followed by images of the surviving part of the mane that Bert Lahr wore, and a recreated Lion’s costume that allegedly contains parts of Lahr’s original costume.

The Munchkins

The Munchkin costumes are some of the film’s most iconic.  Costume designer Adrian had a field day designing them.  He gave them a kind of old world Bavarian look, with oversized features to make them seem even smaller than they were.  The story is that Adrian sent word to his childhood hoe to send his childhood copy of the book for inspiration because as a kid he sketched images of the characters in the margins.  It’s unclear if any of those ideas made it onto the screen.

Above:  The Munchkins pose with director Victor Fleming, Leo Singer (agent to most of the little people), and Fleming’s assistant Al Schoenberg.

Below:  The Trumpeter costume sketch, costume test photo (noted as “Herald”), and screenshot.  Trumpeters (Heralds) were played by Karl “Karchy” Kosiczky (Herald #1/Sleepyhead), Carle M. “Kayo” Erickson (Herald #2), and C.C. “Major Mite” Howerton (Herald #3). 

The Trumpeters

Flower Pot Hats

Adrian adorned the costumes with many flowery flourishes.  The most recognizable are the “Flower Pot Hats” worn by several of the Munchkin women.  Here are two that have survived and screenshots showing them in the film.  It’s unclear if this red hat was one of two very similar hats worns (as seen in the screenshots).

The Fiddlers

The Munchkin Fiddlers were played by: Mickey Carroll (Second Fiddler), Adam Edwin “Eddie” Kozicki, and Fredreich “Freddie” Retter among others.

The Lollipop Guild

Photo left, left-to-right: Harry Doll, Gerard Marenghi (Jerry Marin), and Jakob “Jackie” Gerlich (Lollipop Guild) listed a “3 Little Tough Boys” in the test, with the names in the wrong order.

Munchkin Soliders

The Munchkin Soldiers were played by Joseph Herbst, Willi Koestner, Nicholas “Nicky” Page, Parnell Elmer St. Aubin, August Clarence Swensen, Gus Wayne, and Murray Wood, among others.

Leaders of the Munchkin City

The leaders of the Munchkin City were played by:  Charley Becker (Mayor), Billy Curtis (City Father), Meinhardt Raabe (Coroner), Matthew Raia (City Father), and “Little Billy” Rhodes (Barrister).

Sergeant At Arms

The Sergeant At Arms was played by Prince Denis.


Here are some random Munchkin costume sketches and surviving costumes that I cannot place in the film.