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Easter Parade was one of Judy's and MGM's biggest hits and remains a classic musical to this day. The MGM Records soundtrack album was one of the record label's most popular, being reissued over the years in various incarnations.

When Judy began her legendary "Concert Years" in 1951 she included "A Couple Of Swells" in her act. The number, along with the tramp outfit, became as identified with her as the "Get Happy" tuxedo outfit and her signature song, "Over The Rainbow". Popular with audiences, and fun for Judy, "A Couple Of Swells" would stay in both her concert and television repetoire throughout the rest of her life. The song as performed live by Judy has appeared on many, many LPs and CDs (and 8-tracks and Cassettes). The LPs and CDs listed below that include her live versions are the most interesting and/or commonly available to date. I don't own all of the records and CDs that contain a version of "A Couple Of Swells" - so what's shown below is what I have so far.

I've also added a few "fun" items that might not be considered "home entertainment" (such as the 1948 bus pass) but are entertaining nonetheless.

NOTE: To see a complete listing of all of the various editions of the Easter Parade soundtrack in LP, & CD format, go to The Judy Garland Online Discography Easter Parade Pages (this link takes you to the 78 album, scroll down to see the rest). For 45rpm versions click here.

Banner above: The Spring 2005 Internet banner art promoting the DVD release.

display.jpg amer78album.jpg 7inch2recordset.jpg 10inchlabel.jpg Amer10in33rpm.jpg brit7inchep.jpg pass.jpg lid.jpg
1952borntosing.jpg mgmrecord.gif goldenyrsdisc2.jpg twofer.jpg cutoriginal.jpg cut1976.jpg cut1976back.jpg silverscreen.jpg
PortraitInSong.jpg PortraitInSong2.jpg 1980super8.jpg ced.jpg cedback.jpg picturedisc.jpg picturedisc2.jpg epdoll1.jpg
epdoll.jpg cdmgmclassics.jpg 1989video.jpg cdcbs.jpg cdcbste2.jpg 1991vhsboxset.jpg 1991MGMGreatStars.jpg 1991AusFred.jpg
1991AusSeries.jpg 1990stechrest.jpg laserdisc.jpg europevhs.jpg 1990sAussieCover.jpg 1990sAussieCover2.jpg 1990sAussieCollection.jpg cdbeginend.jpg
cdfredatmgm.jpg cdhollywoodyrs.jpg cdte3.jpg cdte3back.jpg ultimatetreaslarge.jpg TE3programlarge.jpg TE3programlarge2.jpg cdrhino.jpg
easterdisc.gif eastertray.jpg cdrhinoback.jpg cdteset.jpg HollywoodCollectionCD.jpg europecd.jpg cdtesingle.jpg cdacademyawards.jpg
cdfredatmgm2.jpg cdjudyduets.jpg cdinhollywood.jpg cdirvingberlin.jpg vhsclassic.jpg vhsbritish.jpg otrandotherhits.jpg otrtheyoungjudy.jpg
cdsomewhere.jpg cdsomewhereeuro.jpg cdessentialswells.jpg cdduetsgethappy.jpg cdduetsbritish.jpg dvdte2.gif dvdte3.gif dvdteset.gif
cdverybestbritish.jpg bway2holly3d.gif dvd3d.gif dvdback.jpg dvdinsert1.jpg dvdinsert2.jpg dvdinsert3.jpg easterparadedress.jpg
ragtimeviolincostume.jpg theeasterparade.jpg theeasterparade2.jpg turfcard.jpg
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