The Wizard of Oz
Cast Album
Catalog Number:
A-74 (78)
Release Date:
March 1940
Out of print

The Wizard of Oz


Obviously The Wizard of Oz has been Judy's most popular film and recording. In July 1939, a month prior to the opening of Oz, Judy signed a contract with Decca for 12 new singles.

Shortly thereafter on July 28, 1939 she made her first commercial recording of "Over The Rainbow", for Decca. The single (with "The Jitterbug" on the "B" side) was released in September 1939. It eventually peaked at the #5 spot on the Hit Parade (the "Billboard Top 20" of the day). In the intervening years it has sold well over several million copies. The number was also released (supposedly in 1939 as well, although I can't verify it) with "(Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You" on the "B" side.

"Over The Rainbow"/"The Jitterbug" was released as a single on:
Decca 2672 (78 rpm)
Decca 23961 (78 rpm) (this is the 78 with "Dear Mr. Gable" on the "B" side)
Decca 9-23961 (45 rpm) (I believe this also has "Dear Mr. Gable" on the "B" side, but I have not been able to verify that).

The album of songs from "The Wizard of Oz" was the first of Decca's original movie "cast albums". Although these songs were done at the Decca studios, and differ immensely from those heard in the film, this album was nonetheless very popular and lucrative for Decca. The company would re-release the "album" in various formats over the years.

CLICK HERE to see the British version of the 78 album on the Brunswick label.
CLICK HERE to see the 1951 10" version.
CLICK HERE to see the 1951 45rpm version.
CLICK HERE to see the 1953 7" 45rpm version.
CLICK HERE to see the 1956 12" 33 1/3 version.
CLICK HERE to see the 1970's picture disc.
CLICK HERE to see the 2014 CD release - the only release of the complete Decca album on CD!

Album cover image above & 45 rpm cover image below from the collection of Scott Brogan.
Original 78 booklet insert images from the collection of Eric Hemphill.

To learn all about the The Wizard of Oz, check out The Judy Room's extensive "Spotlight on The Wizard of Oz" Section.

Insert 1   Incert 2
The cover and first page of the original insert to the March 1940 inaugural issue of the album.
The remaining pages are biographies of Harold Arlen and E.Y. "Yip" Harburg
(the composers of the songs and score).

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Note: Only "Over The Rainbow" and "The Jitterbug" are Garland vocals.
The "vocal trio" who accompany Judy on "The Jitterbug" are none other than Harold Arlen as The Scarecrow
with Bud Lyon as The Tin Man, & Garney Bell as The Lion.

The remaining songs are performed by the Ken Darby Singers.

Song Title
Date Recorded
Master #
Record #
Over The Rainbow
DLA 1840-A
2672 A
The Jitterbug
DLA 1841-A
2672 B
Munchkinland Part I (includes "Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead")
DLA 1846
2673 A
Munchkinland Part II 07-29-1939 DLA 1847 2673 B
If I Only Had A Brain 07-29-1939 DLA 1845-A 2674 A
If I Only Had A Heart 07-29-1939 DLA 1844-A 2674 B
The Merry Old Land Of Oz 07-29-1939 DLA 1848 2675 A
We're Off To See The Wizard 07-29-1939 DLA 1849 2675 B


The Victor Young Orchestra under the direction of Victor Young

Vocals by
The Ken Darby Singers under the direction of Ken Darby

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