The One And Only
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D 217007
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One And Only


This is the first, and one of the best, overall comprehensive boxed-set of Judy's Capitol recordings ever released by the label. The set is split into three "themed" discs:

Disc One "In The Studio": A compilation of tracks from Judy's Capitol albums, remastered from the original session tapes, including some spoken remarks picked up in-between the songs.

Disc Two "At The Footlights": A compilation of Judy's live performances, including several previously unreleased tracks (see below).

Disc Three "The London Sessions": The premiere CD release of all of Judy's "London 1960" recordings, remastered and all together for the first time. This disc was also released as a single CD in 1992 as "The Best Of The Capitol Masters - The London Sessions" which is still available.

The lavish 56 page booklet accompanying this set, with a forward by Liza Minnelli, presents wonderful details about Judy's career with Capitol, the performances included in the set, and how the recordings were restored and remastered.

Each disc is included in it's own "jewel case" located inside the box, with separate inserts (see images below). An altogether fantastic presentation of Judy's career at Capitol.

Image at right: The sticker from the outer packaging of the boxed set. The number given to the sticker is "C2 96600".

All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.

Disc One   Disc Two
Disc 3


* Previously Unreleased
** Previously Unreleased Complete Version

Song Title
Recording Date
Disc One "In The Studio" - #D217007-1
This Is The Time Of the Evening 09-01-1955

Miss Show Business

While We're Young 09-01-1955 Miss Show Business 2:18
Carolina In The Morning 08-29-1955 Miss Show Business 3:06
Danny Boy 08-30-1955 Miss Show Business 3:06
A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow 08-25-1955 Miss Show Business 3:05
Last Night When We Were Young 03-31-1956 Judy 3:28
April Showers 03-19-1056 Judy 3:17
Dirty Hands, Dirty Face 03-19-1056 Judy 4:47
Memories Of You 03-26-1956 Judy 3:37
By Myself 02-22-1957 Alone 2:36
Me And My Shadow 02-06-1957 Alone 3:42
Little Girl Blue 02-06-1957 Alone 3:41
I Get the Blues When It Rains 02-06-1957 Alone 3:13
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 05-19-1958 Judy In Love 3:49
I Hadn't Anyone till You 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:35
More Than You Know 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:22
That's Entertainment! 06-17-1960 Judy! That's Entertainment! 2:30
Down With Love 06-09-1960 Judy! That's Entertainment! 2:16
Old Devil Moon 06-17-1960 Judy! That's Entertainment! 2:55
I've Confessed to The Breeze (I Love You) 06-17-1960 Judy! That's Entertainment! 3:30
Hello Bluebird 11-01-1962 I Could Go On Singing 4:05
I Could go On singing (Till The Cows Come Home) 11-01-1962 I Could Go On Singing 5:02
Disc Two "At The Footlights" - #D217007-2
Garland Overture:
The Trolley Song
Over The Rainbow
The Man That Got Away
08-06-1958 Garland At The Grove 4:00
When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) ** 08-06-1958 Garland At The Grove 3:19
Day In - Day Out * 08-06-1958 Garland At The Grove 3:11
I Can't Give You Anything But Love * 08-06-1958 Garland At The Grove 4:41
When The Sun Comes Out 08-06-1958 Garland At The Grove 2:50
Who Cares? (As Long As You Care For me) 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 3:22
Puttin' On The Ritz 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 2:46
How Long Has This Been Going On? 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 4:10
Just You, Just Me 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 1:28
Hey, Look Me Over 04-26-1962 Judy Garland Live 2:52
Joey, Joey, Joey 04-26-1962 Judy Garland Live 3:13
The Party's Over 04-26-1962 Judy Garland Live 3:36
I Wish You Love 09-27-1963 Just For Openers 4:06
As Long As he Needs Me 07-16-1963 Just For Openers 4:16
More 11-30-1963 Just For Openers 2:49
Battle Hymn Of The Republic 12-13-1963 Just For Openers 4:35
Closing Theme: Maybe I'll Come Back 12-13-1963 Just For Openers 1:46
Medley: We Could Make Such Beautiful Music/Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
(with Liza Minnelli)
11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 1:55
Don't Rain On My Parade *
(with Liza Minnelli)
11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 2:54
Smile 11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 3:08
Just In Time * 11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 3:51
Make Someone Happy 11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 2:11
Once In A Lifetime * 11-08-1964 Judy & Liza Live At The London Palladium 2:54
Disc Three "The London Sessions" - #D217007-3
Lucky Day 08-02-1960 The Garland Touch 3:35
Medley: Judy At The Palace/Shine On Harvest Moon/Some Of These Days/My Man/I Don't Care 08-08-1906 The Garland Touch 6:44
Stormy Weather 08-02-1960 Judy In London 5:04
You Go To My Head 08-08-1960 Judy In London 3:26
Come Rain Or Come Shine 08-04-1960 Judy In London 3:43
San Francisco 08-04-1960 Judy In London 3:23
The Man That Got Away 08-04-1960 Judy In London 4:09
Swanee 08-03-1960 Judy In London 1:50
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 08-05-1960 Judy In London 3:10
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 08-05-1960 The Garland Touch 4:48
It's A Great Day For The Irish 08-08-1960 The Garland Touch 2:19
You'll Never Walk Alone 08-03-1960 The Garland Touch 4:04
I Happen To Like New York 08-03-1960 The Garland Touch 2:57
Medley: You Made Me Love You/For Me And My Gal/The Trolley Song 08-05-1960 The Garland Touch 5:42
Why Was I born? 08-03-1960 Judy In London 3:41
Do It Again 08-02-1960 Judy In London 4:30
Chicago 08-02-1960 Judy In London 2:31
I Can't Give You Anything But Love 08-08-1960 Judy In London 4:46
After You've Gone 08-08-1960 Judy In London 2:19
Over The Rainbow 08-04-1960 Judy In London 3:37


Executive Producers: Wayne Watkins and Clark Duval

Produced and Compiled by: Pete Kline

Liner Notes by: Emily Coleman

Track-by-Track Commentary by: Todd Everett

Project Coordinated by: Mark Dix

Remastered by: Kevin Reeves, Capitol Recording Studios, June-July 1991

Art Direction by: Tommy Steele

Design by: Heather Van Haaften

Photo Research by: Grad Benedict

Special Thanks: Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Joey Luft, Roni Gallion, Mort Lindsey, Dan Alvino, Jenny Bingaman, Dick Cathart, Hal and Alta Mooney, Irving Wasserman, Ron Furmanek, Pete Welding, Larry DuPont, Leah Toby Hoffmitz, Lorna Stovall, Wendy Dougan, Allen Eichorn, Sujata Murthy, Chrlie Reeves, Marcia Edelstein, Jean Riggins, Jeremy Hammond, Art Jaeger, & Halle Milgrim

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