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Judy Garland in "Till The Clouds Roll By"

The following images feature various portraits and promotional photos, followed by a look behind the scenes.   Also included are production documents (Daily Music Reports) and other fun items.  

Many thanks to the collectors and fans who have shared images from their collections that you see here.  Thank you all!



Daily Music Reports

Listen to the pre-recording of the much longer version of “Who?” in stereo here:

Listen to the pre-recording of “Look For The Silver Lining” here (includes a bit of chatter by Judy in the beginning):

Listen to the playback disc of “Look For The Silver Lining” here:

Our friend Mark has created this great video featuring the extended stereo version of “Who?”  Unfortunately, the footage of the extended version doesn’t exist but Mark has done a great job in spite of that fact.  Enjoy!

Featured below are various behind the scenes photos featuring the “Who?” playback disc, Judy’s stand-in wearing the famous “Who?” costume, the “Who” costume at auction, visitors to the set, the stars attend the premiere, and more!

Judy Garland 1935
The Wizard of Oz green vinyl release for Record Store Day on April 19, 2014