The Judy Room
Enhancing Judy Garland's presence on the web since 1998

It might look obsessive - but it didn't start that way...

My collection originally was a modest one, comprised mostly of Judy's recordings, which are my main passion when it comes to collecting Judy Garland memorabilia.

With the advent of the home entertainment "revolution" in the 1980's, along with the 50th (and now 60th) anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz, so much of Judy's work became available to the public for the first time in years - creating new fans and generating re-releases of her huge body of work. In the last ten years or so, historians and film buffs alike have re-discovered the magic of Judy's genius and art.

Over the years, The Judy Room has just grown into an entity of it's own. Its been a labor of love, and is my personal tribute to the lady whom I (and many others) consider to be the "Greatest Talent Of The 20th Century."

When the internet took off, many friends and family members suggested that I put The Judy Room on the web. At first, I didn't really think anyone would care about my crazy collection. But then, once I decided to put The Judy Room on the web, I realized that I not only had a creative outlet for myself; but I had a way to share my knowledge of Judy Garland and my collection with other fans around the world. It also gave me the opportunity to finally organize my timeline information into something more than just "sheets of paper."

The more I learned about building web sites, the more information began to appear on these pages. And the more the site grew, the more I've learned from other knowledgeable film buffs and Garland "aficionados" around the world.

All of this ended up creating the site you see now. Which is more that just the two pages showcasing the actual room. Now, the site has grown into a fun and informative online resource. The real cornerstone pages now are the Timeline Pages. Constantly being updated and corrected - thanks to all of the imput I receive from people around the world - the Timeline Pages chronicle Judy's life and career in an easy to read chronological format. With pictures and links to help the reader along.

The following are some of the main pages/sections of the Judy Room website:
  • Garland Timelines - Complete timelines chronicling Judy's life and career.
  • Judy Room Newsletter - Periodic updates on Garland products, events, & more.
  • MP3 Files - Hear Judy sing. Rare and familiar songs in MP3 format.
  • Photo Gallery - Tons of photos. More photos are generously located throughout all of the pages.
  • Meet Me In St. Louis Section - Detailed section about the making of the film and more.
  • Essential Garland - "The Essential" products for Garland fans and newbies alike. Including "Collector's items."
  • Ecards - Send Judy Garland email greetings to anyone with an email address!
On the Timeline Pages you'll see the Judy Room email address - I welcome any and all imput regarding crucial dates in her career. 

The Judy Room is not intended to be a "complete" record of Judy's life and career. Instead, The Judy Room is a celebration of the legacy of Judy Garland, and a fun and informative addendum to the many books and web sites which help to document Judy's long and varied career.

If there is some information about Judy Garland or products that you are looking for and can't find, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to get the information for you!

Likewise, if you find incorrect information, especially in the
TIMELINES, please feel free to email me with the correct information . And, please email me if you have information about specific dates and events that ARE NOT listed in the timelines. Any and all input is welcome!

A special thanks to Kim Loeffler for providing so many images from her private collection - THANK YOU KIM!!! -- SEE KIM'S COLLECTION IN THE

Another special thanks to Jim Johnson and his
Jim has graciously allowed me to provide links back to pages on his masterful site. THANKS JIM!!!

I would like to extend a note of thanks and appreciation to all of the Judy Garland web sites out there for honoring Judy's memory so well - everyone has added their own special talents & style in documenting the legacy of Judy Garland, and ensuring that legacy lives on for future generations.

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