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  Premiere Edition June 10, 2001  


Rebekah Hurth has done a fantastic job in adding to Judy's presence on the web.

Not only is her site wonderful and well done, but it's actually several sites in one!

I personally like the "Judy Online" site - tons of information about where to find what in the web, and a listing of all Judy Garland web sites - never realized there were so many!

A Special THANK YOU to Kim Loeffler for sharing so many of her great Judy photos and collection with me over the past few years for inclusion in The Judy Room - THANKS KIM!!!

Comic provided by Michael Fein

I must admit it took me a second to notice Toto's wagging tail!

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And Greetings Judy Fans!

WELCOME to the premiere edition of the Judy Room Newsletter.

Judy would have turned 79 today. Although we miss her greatly, her bright light and talent still lives on in our memories and through the magic of "home entertainment." Her legacy will live on into this new century and I'm sure for centuries to come!

Thank you for signing up for the Judy Room Newsletter - I hope you enjoy it - and please give me any feedback you might have! Have fun!


    The new Rhino CD of the soundtracks to "Summer Stock" and "In The Good Old Summertime" are scheduled for released June 13, 2001.

    This is the first CD release of these soundtracks in their entirety. In the early 1990's, Sony Music released a CD of "Summer Stock" - with the songs taken directly from the soundtrack of the film.

    The Rhino release is the latest in their continued excellence in preserving MGM pre-recordings and releasing them to the public.

    The CD includes never-before-heard outtakes as well as incidental and background scoring. Before long, ALL of Judy's MGM songs will be available on CD. Only a few songs left to go!

    Click on the link below to go directly to the "Essential Garland" pages to see the original cover artwork and the current cover artwork and to link up to Rhino to order your copy.

    REMEMBER!! This is their first Judy Garland release through their "handmade" division and is limited to a certain number of pressings and is available ONLY online.


    Two long awaited releases from Capitol UK in one CD!

    Available from AMAZON.COM UK is the Capitol release of

    A single CD containing all the songs from both albums. Available as of June 4, 2001 and they ship to the U.S.


    The soundtrack to the recent high rated miniseries "Life With Judy Garland - Me And My Shadows" is available on CD.

    The CD contains 8 Garland vocals (mostly snippets) used in the miniseries, as well as background scoring.

    Click here to order it from FOOTLIGHT RECORDS

    FOOTLIGHT RECORDS is a well known shop in New York that specializes in hard to find music as well as recent commercial releases.


    The latest edition of Scott Schechter's "GARLANDS FOR JUDY" is out!

    As always, it's a great magazine with tons of info about Judy Garland news and events and product releases in the past 6 months or so - and a look at what's ahead!

    Click below to subscribe, or click on the Footlight Records link above to order the recent edition from them (although it's cheaper to get a subscription!)


    Recent additions to The Judy Room are:

    1) New look for the homepage

    2) Two new wonderful stories contributed by former U.S. Judy Garland Club member Joan Coulsen CLICK HERE

    3) A feeback form - for any and all feedback regarding the Judy Room web site. This is accessible from the homepage.

    And this new newsletter!

    Be sure to post any and all stories in the MEMORIES OF JUDY BBS This is a forum for fans of Judy who have been lucky enough to have seen her perform or met her to post their memories for everyone to share. Check it out, it's free!

    For more updates, visit: WHAT'S NEW IN THE JUDY ROOM


    From the Boston Sunday Herald on June 3, Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa reported in their "Inside Track" column:

    "Local casting czarina Susan Willet is off to Puerto Rico, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles to find actors for a new flick called "The Day Judy Garland Died." The flick has nothing to do with Dorothy's alter-ego, though. It's about the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village in 1969, which kicked off the gay rights movement and started the day Garland died."

    NOTE: A film called "Stonewall" came out in 1996 and featured a colorful and fun cast of characters. One was a female impersonator who was a Judy fan, and showed her reaction to Judy's death, and then the subsequent antagonistic patrons of the bar, listening to Judy on the jukebox. Also includes some great REAL footage from Campbell's in New York

    INNERCHILD.COM has Judy Garland (as Dorothy) MARBLES for sale! Very fun! They're $3.50 and I don't know if that means for just one or a little bag? I've already ordered so I'll let everyone know what I get!

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