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Judy Duets


This Sid Luft (Judy's late ex-husband) production features Judy in duets from her TV series as well as one track from her February 25, 1962 special with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

The second disc was recorded live at Judy's final performance in her legendary box office record-breaking 1951-52 New York Palace engagement, on February 24, 1952. It includes the often-documented "Goodbye To Judy" from the audience, which began with Lauritz Melchior leading the audience in singing "Auld Lang Syne" to an obviously touched Judy. However, in typical Sid Luft fashion, this has the songs in a different order than what was actually presented, so the "Auld Lang Syne" number is placed before the end of the show! "After You've Gone" is a recording from a previous night's performance.

The sound quality on this CD for the concert is better than the previous LP releases. The packaging is a very odd cardboard "case" with a pull-out "tray" that houses the two CDs, with two little "booklets" thrown in. VERY un-user-friendly.

This two CD set was re-released in England by Eagle Records (#EDGDC122) in 2002 (see below), as well as in 2004 by "Music Club International" (see below).

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Duets - Get Happy
Duets Import
May 21, 2002 British release by
Recall Records as "Get Happy",
also released by Eagle Records
July 13, 2004 release from
"Music Club International"


Song Title
Judy sings with... From the show... Time
Disc One - Judy Duets
I Hear Music/The Sweetest Sounds/Strike Up The Band Count Basie Episode #2 taped July 7, 1963,
aired November 10, 1963
You're So Right For Me Mickey Rooney Episode #1 taped June 24, 1963,
aired December 8, 1963
Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again Barbra Streisand Episode #9 taped October 4, 1963,
aired October 6, 1963
"Hooray For Love" Medley
a) Hooray for Love (Duet)
b) After You've Gone (Judy)
c) By Myself (Barbra)
d) 'S Wonderful (Duet)
e) How About You? (Duet)
f) Lover, Come Back to Me (Barbra)
g) You and The Night and The Music (Judy)
h) It All Depends On You (Duet)
Barbra Streisand Episode #9 taped October 4, 1963,
aired October 6, 1963
"Goin' Home" [Train] Medley:
a) Sentimental Journey (Judy and Bobby)
b) Going Home Train (Judy)
c) Blues in the Night (Bobby)
d) Goin' Home (Judy and Bobby)
e) Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Bobby)
f) On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe (Judy)
g) River Stay 'Way from My Door (Judy)
h) Some of These Days (Bobby)
i) Bye Bye Blackbird (Judy)
j) Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye (Bobby)
k) Beyond the Blue Horizon (Judy)
l) I Know That You Know (Bobby)
m) I've Been Working on the Railroad (Judy and Bobby)
n) The Lonesome Road (Judy and Bobby)
Bobby Darin Episode #14 taped November 30, 1963, aired December 29, 1963 8:06
The Trolley Song Mel Torme Episode #21 taped January 31, 1964, aired February 16, 1964 2:08
"Nelson Eddy-Jeanette McDonald" Medley:
a) San Francisco
(Roger Edens' verse only) (Judy and Jack)
b) Will You Remember (Sweetheart) (Judy and Jack)
c) Rosalie (Jack)
d) I'll See You Again (Judy and Jack)
e) Lover Come Back to Me (Judy)
f) The Donkey Serenade (Judy and Jack
Jack Jones Episode #22 taped February 14, 1964, aired: February 23, 1964 7:54
Let Me Entertain You/Two Lost Souls * Liza Minnelli Episode #3 taped July 16, 1963,
aired November 17, 1963
"Friendship" Medley:
a) Friendship
b) Let's Be Buddies
c) You're the Top
d) You're Just in Love
e) It's De-lovely
f) Together (Wherever We Go)]
Ethel Merman Episode #16 taped December 13, 1963, aired January 12, 1964 7:54
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Let There
Be Love
Frank Sinatra &
Dean Martin
From the February 25, 1962 CBS special "The Judy Garland Show", taped at the NBC Studios on February 5, 8, & 9, 1962 2:15

"I Left My Heart In San Francisco" Medley
[Actually is just the song "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" from the medley, not the whole medley itself]

Tony Bennett Episode #5 taped: July 30, 1963,
aired December 15, 1963
Day In, Day Out Lena Horne Episode #4 taped July 23, 1963,
aired October 13, 1963
"I Like Men" Medley
[I Like Men (Judy and Peggy)
 You Make Me Feel So Young (Judy)
 Tess's Torch Song (I Had a Man) (Judy and Peggy)
 Fever (Peggy)
 It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House
 (Judy and Peggy)
 I'm Just Wild About Harry (Peggy)
 Charley, My Boy (Judy)
 Oh, Johnny (Peggy)
 Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) (Judy and Peggy)
 Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
 (Judy and Peggy)]
Peggy Lee Episode #13 taped November 8, 1963, aired December 1, 1963 4:43
"West Side Story Medley"
[Maria (Vic)
 Something's Coming (Judy)
 Maria (reprise, Vic)
 Somewhere (Judy and Vic)
 Tonight (Judy and Vic)]
Vic Damone Episode #17 taped December 20, 1963, aired January 19, 1964 7:03
We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together/
The Best Is Yet To Come
Liza Minnelli Episode #3 taped July 16, 1963,
aired November 17, 1963
Together Liza Minnelli Episode #3 taped July 16, 1963,
aired November 17, 1963
Disc Two - Judy At The Palace
Recorded live at Judy's final Palace performance [the first run]
Chorus Intro ["Judy's Boys"] .. 1:56
Call The Press ["Judy's Boys" ] .. 3:25
"Judy At The Palace" Medley [Judy] .. 7:33
Rockabye Your Baby [Judy] .. 5:13
Judy's Olio [Judy] .. 6:46
Chorus Interlude ["Judy's Boys"] .. 1:36
Get Happy [Judy] .. 2:50
Chorus Interlude ["Judy's Boys" .. 2:11
A Couple Of Swells [Judy] .. 6:20
Love [Judy] .. 2:49
A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow [Judy] .. 3:48
Liza [Judy] .. 4:14
Auld Lang Syne [sung by audience to Judy, lead by Lauritz Melchior] .. 0:57
After You've Gone [Judy] .. 3:24
Over The Rainbow [Judy] .. 5:22


Producer: Doug Schwartz

Licensed by: BCD USA from Wiley Entertainment, Ltd.

Design: Edward Fuentes and Jennifer Rzepka

Photo: Richard Avedon

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