The Immortal Judy Garland
Longines Symphonette Society
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12" 33 1/3 rpm
Out of print
The Immortal Judy Garland
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This deluxe boxed set was typical of the time. Reader's Digest was famous for releasing similar sets for years with a variety of themes such as "Big Bands of the 1940's". These sets came in approximately 1 1/2" thick boxes with an equally thick "sleeve" that held 5 (or more) records inside. The top part of this sleeve would drop down to reveal the track listing. Each individual record was housed in a deluxe plastic-lined sleeve to keep it protected (see image below).

In this case, The Longines Symphonette Society licensed Judy's performances from Capitol to make this set that was available only through mail order. A special single LP entitled "I Could Go On Singing Forever" was sent "free" to those who ordered this box.

All in all this is a nice collection with very nice cover art.

All of the songs are from Judy's Capitol albums. In fact, this set, and the single LP "I Could Go On Singing Forever" were originally released, with the songs in a different order, in the 1968 Capitol boxed-set release "The Magic Of Judy Garland".

All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.

Album cover restoration prov
ided by "Alex in Belgium" - thank you Alex!

Below are scans of the special flyer that Longines sent to subscribers announcing this boxed set.
Also featured was an ad (see below right) for the free single LP "I Could Go On Singing Forever".
Click on the images for pop-up windows with detailed scans.
Left Side
This is the left side of the "back",
and what the reader first sees when taking out of the envelope.
This is the main inside fold-out.
The panel at the bottom with the track listing is
actually a bottom panel that was folded over the
bottom part (with the photos) of this main section.
This is the middle and right side of the "back", which
opens up to reveal the main section (shown at left).


The special box-insert shown above that houses the records has a flap that comes down
to reveal the (slightly off-center) sticker containing the track listing.
Each record is housed in a deluxe sleeve lined with plastic for better protection.

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Left: The single LP that came as a bonus when preordered.  Right:  The "floppy" vinyl mailer.
Longines  Lasting Tribute


Song Title
Recording Date
Record One - Side One
Stormy Weather 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 5:53
The Man That Got Away 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 4:33
Chicago 04-23-1961

Judy At Carnegie Hall

Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 04-23-1961

Judy At Carnegie Hall

Over The Rainbow 04-23-1961

Judy At Carnegie Hall

Record One - Side Two
Last Night When We Were Young 03-31-1956 Judy 3:24
I Feel A Song Comin' On 03-19-1956 Judy 2:08
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 03-31-1956 Judy 1:56
Who Cares? 04-23-1961

Judy At Carnegie Hall

By Myself Summer 1962 I Could Go On Singing 4:23
Record Two - Side One
Battle Hymn Of The Republic 12-13-1963 Just For Openers 4:02
I Can't Give You Anything But Love 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 4:38
Comes Once In A Lifetime 10-13-1961 Special Single Release 2:29
A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow 05-05-1958 Garland At The Grove 2:36
You're Nearer 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 1:54
Record Two - Side Two
Lucky Day 08-02-1960 The London Sessions 2:32
I'm Confessin' 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 2:42
April Showers * 03-19-1956 Judy 3:14
I Hadn't Anyone Till You 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:31
Come Rain Or Come Shine 03-31-1956 Judy 3:44
Record Three - Side One
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 05-19-1958 Judy In Love 3:37
A Foggy Day 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 2:52
Swanee 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 2:00
I Am Loved 06-07-1958 Judy In Love 3:13
Me And My Shadow 02-06-1957 Alone 3:40
Record Three - Side Two
After You've Gone 08-08-1960 The London Sessions 2:19
What Now My Love 11-08-1964 Judy Garland And Liza Minnelli "Live" At The London Palladium 3:43
Smile 11-08-1964 Judy Garland And Liza Minnelli "Live" At The London Palladium 3:00
Little Girl Blue 02-06-1957 Alone 3:37
I Got A Right To Sing The Blues* 03-06-1957 Alone 2:49
Record Four - Side One
Get Me To The Church On Time 11-30-1963 Just For Openers 1:49
Fly Me to The Moon (In Other Words) 09-20-1963 Just For Openers 3:00
It's A Great Day For The Irish 08-08-1960 The London Sessions 2:18
San Francisco 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 3:32
Some People * 10-11-1963 Just For Openers 1:59
Record Four - Side Two
Puttin' On The Ritz 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 1:54
Do It Again 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 2:41
Island In The West Indies 10-18-1963 Just For Openers 1:40
Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home 03-27-1956 Judy 4:04
You'll Never Walk Alone 08-03-1960 The London Sessions 4:03
Record Five - Side One
I Concentrate On You 06-01-1958 Judy In Love 3:21
Do I Love You? 06-07-1958 Judy In Love 3:17
Just You, Just Me 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment! 1:37
The Music That Makes Me Dance 11-08-1964 Judy Garland And Liza Minnelli "Live" At The London Palladium 2:29
It Never Was You 05-09-1962 I Could Go On Singing 3:39
Record Five - Side Two
That's Entertainment! 06-09-1960

That's Entertainment!

Old Devil Moon 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment! 2:52
Down With Love 06-09-1960 That's Entertainment! 2:07
More Than You Know 05-26-1958 Judy In Love 3:20
When You're Smiling 04-23-1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall 3:05


None listed.

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